My name is Eric A Scuccimarra and I am a programmer, data scientist and an exercise, I don't know... fanatic? I do a lot of different types of exercise - strength training, cardio, yoga, pilates, etc. - and I wanted a way to be able to log it.

I had been using a fitness tracker for about a year but I was always annoyed at how there was no easy way to see what body parts I had recently exercised and which were due to be exercised. I envisioned a report that would present the muscles exercised in a color-coded manner that would make it easy to see at a glance whether it was time for a chest day or a back day. That became the "Breakdown by Group" report and once that was done I decided I might as well add everything else I wanted.


I tried a bunch of apps to log my workouts and was not happy with any of them. The apps for strength training only handled strength training and the fitness trackers couldn't handle strength training. As a data scientist I often think of the various ways to look at the data and wished I could create my own reports and charts, but the apps didn't even provide a way to export the data.

Eventually I decided that it would be easier to just write my own application that could do exactly what I wanted. This is that application.


This is a very simple web application which is designed to be usable on mobile phones. It allows you to log your workouts and you can decide what level of detail to enter. It will calculate the calories burned using the most granular level of detail available, but will work properly with whatever data you decide to enter.

The reports are designed to both give a quick at-a-glance overview of your progress as well as the ability to drill-down into details. This is done by combining a variety of charts and graphs with tabular overview data that can be expanded to view specifics.


This was created specifically for my own use, but I thought that maybe other people might enjoy it, so I decided to to open it to the public. This is an alpha release so will be buggy and I make no representations or claims as to the quality.

If you find bugs or have other changes to request (such as exercises missing from the lists) please use the Contact Me form to submit your problem/request. If you are reporting a bug please make sure to describe in as much detail as possible how you arrived at the bug so that I can try to replicate it.

Data Privacy

The only data required are your height, weight and age which are necessary to calculate calorie burn. Your email will only be used to send forgotten password reminders. Your data will never be shared with or sold to anyone. Cookies are used to maintain your session. You will not be tracked, spammed or advertised to.

The data you enter belongs to you; you can export it if you want. Once deleted the data is gone.

Terms and Conditions

This application is provided as is, I make no representations or warranties of any kind. By using this app you agree to this.